Free MCITP Training with IT Free Training


If you are looking for free MCITP training, look no further. There is a new player in the free mcitp training game and they call themselves IT Free Training. They offer completely free training videos on many mcitp exam topics and are adding more all the time. The sweet thing about these guys is that their motto and plane is simple – no registration needed, no downloads needed, just simply free mcitp training videos which you can watch for free on YouTube and you cant complain with that!

Currently IT Free Training are offering mcitp training videos for the windows 7 70-680 exam and windows server 2008 exams 70-640 70-642 70-643 and 70-647.

From what we can see, they are going to become a valuable mcitp training resource once they have produced a complete set of free mcitp training videos for each exam. It also looks like they may be offering free mcitp exams in the near future.

So before you fork out for paid mcitp training, check out these mcitp videos and hopefully save yourself a few bucks! If you are already in a training course, these videos will be good as a supplementary training resource.

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IT Free Training’s YouTube channel here
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