How do I study best for a MCITP Exam?

A pass in a MCITP Exam is not hard to achieve if you put in the required effort to study to the best of your ability. I have personally taken a handful of MCITP Exams and have achieved easy passes on all of them. Study for a MCITP Exam should be logically based around the MCITP self-paced training book for it. These books are written by Microsoft professionals and Microsoft markets them themselves, so you can be pretty sure that they cover the MCITP curriculum to the highest standard containing everything that you need to know when you sit the MCITP Exam.

MCITP Self-Paced Training Books have two sections, the first being “Learn at Your Own Pace” which is dedicated to teaching you the required subject areas. Each topic is in its own chapter which are in they logical order of learning. Each chapter also has practical learning sections, in which you perform hands-on learning actually in a windows operating system. Chapters also have review questions towards the end help you revise what has been taught what has been covered in the chapter.

The second section, “Prepare for the Exam” Introduces cases studies and questions which require you pull all your previously learnt knowledge together. This is a vital section of the book as it trains you to carefully read the questions and recognize common trick question, which prepares you for whatever you might encounter in the MCITP Exam.
A good piece of free software called VMware comes in very handy whilst doing the practical areas of study. VMware allows you to run multiple instances of a Windows operating system in a virtual computer. These virtual computers act exactly the same as a physical computer software-wise and can also be virtually networked together.