MCTS 70-680 Practice Test 3

Welcome to the 70-680 Practice Test 3.

Test questions within this practice exam are taken from the MCTS 70-680 Configuring Windows 7 syllabus.

This practice exam has 18 questions and no time limit. You can review your incorrect answers at the end after scoring your test.

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1. You have just bought a new computer which has 8 GB of RAM. You want to install a Windows version which will utilize all 8 GB of RAM, which should you install? (Choose all that apply.)


2. You want to check what folders are shared and what their share names are on a Windows 7 client. Which of the tools below could you used to view this information? (Choose all that apply.)


3. If your computer is currently running Windows Vista Enterprise (x86) which version of Windows 7 can you directly upgrade to?


4. Some applications which run fine on Windows Vista may not work correctly on Windows 7. Out of the following tools, which could you use to determine if any installed applications have known compatibility issues?


5. You want to transfer user encryption certificates between a Windows XP Pro and Windows 7 Professional, which utilities could you use? (Choose all that apply.)


6. When performing a wipe and load migration, which USMT store types below reduces HDD space used?


7. You are on a Windows 7 computer named Auckland. You need to find out the MAC address of another Windows 7 computer named Wellington which is a member of another network subnet. Both computers are within the same windows domain and you have local administrator credentials on both. All computers within the domain have had the command WinRM Quickconfig executed on them. Which command below can you use to find out the MAC address of Wellington?


8. You have an external USB hard drive (E:) in which you wish to create a 40GB native VHD called StoreVHD in a folder called windows7. Which command would you use?


9. After adding a boot entry for a new system hard drive using BCDEdit, you want to check if the boot entry has been created successfully. Which command would you use?


10. What operating system and Windows AIK tool should you use if you wish to create a Windows 7 installation WIM image on a computer?


11. What Sysprep command line option will remove all unique system information from a Windows 7 installation?


12. Which service below is not associated with IP version 4?


13. Which of the commands below would you use to run tracert on the remote computer Host1?


14. You are at the command prompt and wish to launch Windows 7 reliability monitor. How can this be achieved?


15. You would like to display a message on the welcome screen, Which of the following tools in MDT 2010 can you use to acheive this?


16. want to merge two subnets into one, what is this task called?


17. You have two folders named Cat and Dog within the c:. The permissions of both folders and their contents are different. If you were to copy a file from Cat to Dog, what permissions will the file end up with? the file?


18. What is the primary component loaded during the Windows 7 installation?


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