To gain your MCITP certification, you must pass a MCITP exam. This exam tests your technical knowledge and skills against the MCITP syllabus for the particular certification exam you are sitting.  Each exam lasts anywhere between 30 – 90 minutes depending on the exam format. You can expect approximately 40 – 60 questions in your exam. There are quite a few different question styles so it is best to become familiar with them before taking your first MCITP exam. In order for you to achieve a pass in your MCITP exam you must gain a score of 700 of greater. You are allowed to go back and review you answers at anytime throughout the exam, so use the time given to you advantage.

Before you sit your exam, be sure to sit a few MCITP practice exams. This will give you a good indication of any subject areas you might need to freshen up on before you sit your MCITP exam.

Get familiar with the MCITP question formats that may come up during your mcitp exam, there are several of them!

To give youself the best shot at passing your mcitp exam check out our mcitp exam tips, which has 7 tips for giving yourself the best shot at passing whilst in your mcitp test.