MCTS 70-680 Practice Test 2

Welcome to the 70-680 Practice Test 2.

Test questions within this practice exam are taken from the MCTS 70-680 Configuring Windows 7 syllabus.

This practice exam has 19 questions and no time limit. You can review your incorrect answers at the end after scoring your test.

1. A software analyst at your company would like to test software compatibilty on different versions of windows. You purchase a new computer dedicated for this task and plan multi-boot it so he can run tests with all Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. You would like to achieve this objective without having to edit boot entries with Bcedit. In which order should you install each version of Windows?


2. You have a Windows XP machine that you want to configure to dual boot with Windows 7. What is the minimum amount of volumes that will support this configuration?


3. You do consulting work for a small company, which has a single laser printer. This printer is shared off the receptionists computer which running Windows 7 Professional. The receptionist is not part of the local Administrators group. There is a need for the receptionist to maintain jobs in the print queue and delete them if need be. The receptionist should be able to do this for any document in the queue. They should not be allowed to reconfigure the printer permissions. Which of the below answers should be done to achieve this?


4. You want to make sure that the shared folders and printers on your Windows 7 computer are visible to all other computers in your HomeGroup. Which option should you configure within the Advanced Sharing Settings?


5. A user would like to upgrade his home computer from Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 7 Ultimate. This computer is not a part of a network, although does have an ADSL connection to the internet. Which of the methods below could the user use for this upgrade?


6. Offline migration with USMT is supported by which versions of Windows?


7. You wish to obtain a copy of USMT 4.0, what must you download from Microsoft’s website?


8. In order to remotely manage a Windows 7 computer using Windows PowerShell., which step below do you first need to perform?


9. What could be a reason why a Remote Assistance session is failing to connect between two Windows 7 computers on the same LAN?


10. You are an administrator at a network where all computers run Windows 7 Ultimate. In order to provide failover protection, each computer also has a bootable VHD. You wish to keep these VHD’s updated with the latest Windows updates, although as they are normally offline this is troublesome. You plan to have each computer automatically boot from their VHD each night and receive the latest updates from your WSUS server. What tool can achieve this goal?


11. You intend to use your own computer to capture a Windows 7 image for deploying to other computers. Which tasks must you perform to accomplish this? (Choose all that apply.)


12. You are using the Windows 7 Disk Management Console. Which operation can you not perform?


13. When using ImageX, which switch will tell it to search and read settings from the wimscript.ini file?


14. Which of the following tools could you use to check whether all 25 computers you administer all have a specific update installed?


15. Which of the following files won’t be backed up if the manual method is selected for backing up Files and Folders in Windows Backup?


16. You wish to configure your laptop to hibernate when the battery charge is at 10%, how will you configure this?


17. Assuming that the ICMPv6 protocol is allowed through the Windows firewall, which protocol will you examine to analyze the IPv6 traffic between Windows 7 computers and resolve IPv6 to MAC addresses?


18. What would you add to the Wimscript.ini file beneath the [ExclusionList] section if you wish not to capture the pagefile during an image creation from a Windows 7 computer?


19. Which of the following is not optional when configuring a custom Windows PE 3.0 package?


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