What is the format of the MCITP Exams?

There is no given format of the MCITP Exams from Microsoft themselves. What is known though that you could have any one of three different exam formats, being short standard, standard and adaptive.

Short Standard exams are 20 to 30 questions long and last for about 1 hour.
Standard exams are 50 to 70 questions long and last for about 1.5 hours.
Adaptive exams are 15 to 30 questions long and the length varies.

All different kinds of MCITP Exam formats contain a range of questions which may be of single or multiple answer multi-choice, active screen, drag and drop, build list and reorder, case study or a terminal simulation.

Microsoft doesn’t tell candidates what MCITP Exam format they will get as they believe that you should understand the exam content regardless of how it’s tested. This allows Microsoft to change the MCITP Exam format and questions at there own will which helps exam security and also the value of the MCITP Certification.