The MCITP Exam

It is not a secret that Microsoft’s new MCITP Certification is in increasing demand for professionals in the IT industry. The MCITP Certification will become the global standard in years to come; replacing what was the MCSE Certification.

You gain your MCITP Certification like any other Microsoft Certification, but this time namely being a MCITP Exam. These MCITP Exams follow a similar format to what you will be used to if you have ever sat an MCP Exam before, nevertheless if you are new to the IT Certification scene or a veteran this website will inform you of vital information on the MCITP Exam which will help you to achieve your goals.

The MCITP Exam is sat at a Prometric Testing Center. These Testing centers are situated all over the world.

The MCITP Exam format may change slightly depending on what MCITP Exam you are sitting, but most exams will range from 40 – 60 questions in length which will be made up of a few different question formats, either single answer multiple-choice, multiple answer multiple-choice, active screen, drag and drop, build list and reorder or case study questions.

To pass a MCITP Exam you must achieve a score of 700 or greater. Points are given for each correctly answered question; points are not deducted for incorrect answers in MCITP Exams. You can answer questions in any order you like and go back and revise your answers at the end of the exam for as long as the exam timer allows.