What can I expect at my MCITP Exam?

At you MCTIP Exam there are a few things you can expect. You can expect to sit your exam in a room with either just your computer, or multiple computers. This room should be supervised by the testing centre and may have a camera in it. This is to help combat cheating on MCITP Exams, although you should have no need to cheat if you have prepared yourself with adequate study.

In this room you will be assigned a computer on which to sit the MCITP Exam, this computer should be at a desk with a chair working correctly with a well functional keyboard and mouse. This computer will have special software on it which disallows access to anything on the computer but the exam. You should also be supplied with a pen and paper to do workings on if you need it; these pieces of paper are handed in at the end and disposed of appropriately.

You will have all the time it takes to finish the MCITP Exam and at the end you will be issued with a printout of the exam results.