MCTS 70-680 Practice Test 1

Welcome to the 70-680 Practice Test 1.

Test questions within this practice exam are taken from the MCTS 70-680 Configuring Windows 7 syllabus.

This practice exam has 19 questions and no time limit. You can review your incorrect answers at the end after scoring your test.

1. You have a laptop computer that you want to install Windows 7 on, problem is that there is no DVD drive. You decide to install Windows 7 off of a USB storage drive instead. First you must prepare the USB storage drive so that you can boot your computer from it. Which utility will you use?


2. What hardware devices must a computer have if you want to perform a WDS network installation of Windows 7 and dont have access to a WDS discover boot image?


3. You are in change of maintaining a group of 10 computers running Windows 7 Enterprise in a school science lab. The teachers computer is USB attached to four different scientific instruments, each of these instruments save its output data to a folder called Data. Each instruments data folder is on a different hard disk volume. The teacher has requested that these data folders are accessible from the other nine computers through the common HomeGroup. Which steps below should you take? (Choose all that apply; each answer is part of the complete solution)


4. You have created a local group named Sales. Which share permissions should you give to the sales group to make sure that members are able to add, modify, and delete files within the 2012 Sales shared folder without allowing the group to modify the shared folder permissions?


5. Some versions of Windows are unable to be upgraded to Windows 7 and a data migration must be performed instead. In which of the below would this be the case?


6. You have a computer running Windows 7 Home Premium (x86). Which versions of Windows 7 would this computer be able directly upgraded to? (Choose all that apply.)


7. When using ScanState, what is the name of the XML file which specifies user profile data information to be migrated?


8. You want to make sure the remote desktop connection between two computers running Windows XP SP2 and Windows 7 is secure as possible. Which option should you configure within the remote desktop connection properties?


9. You want to get a list of processes, CPU usage and Memory usage on a remote computer called Melbourne using PowerShell. Which of the following commands would you use?


10. You have an install image file (c:/store/windows.wim) which you would like to add to the store on a WDS server. Which command would you use to achieve this?


11. You wish to create a Windows 7 installation unattend answer file, which tool can you use to achieve this? (Choose any that apply.)


12. From the command prompt, which utility can create a DCS?


13. You wish to take a backup image of your Windows 7 computer to use in case of recovery on the same computer. Which of the options below is not necessary?


14. You want to unlock a drive which has been encrypted with BitLocker and the password forgotten. How can you unlock the drive?


15. What is required for windows 7 ZTI?


16. Windows SIM accesses two types of files to collect information whilst creating an unattend install answer file. What are they?


17. What technology would be used to connect to a Remote Desktop which is within a remote protected LAN over the internet?


18. One of your clients complains that every time he closes his laptops screen the laptop hibernates and his internet downloads stop. What could you suggest to him to resolve this?


19. You want to avoid restarting a computer whilst manually installing a Windows update from a MSU file. Which command would you use?


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