MCITP Salary

According to sources on the internet the average salary for someone with a MCITP certification in the year 2011 was USD$77000. Depending on the individual MCITP specialization, this figure can vary greatly from USD$91000 on the high side to USD$64000 on the low end of the scale.

The average MCITP salary for each of the MCITP certifications in order of salary are as follows:

  • Enterprise Messaging Administrator: $91000
  • Database Administrator: $84000
  • Enterprise Administrator: $79000
  • Server Administrator: $75000
  • Enterprise Desktop Administrator on Windows 7: $75000
  • Enterprise Desktop Support Technician on Windows 7: $68000
  • Enterprise Support Technician: $64000

Generally MCITP certifications that entail a higher level of responsibility and many years experience are at the higher end of the salary scale. Although there are a number of other influencing factors such other job responsibilities and of course what country you are employed in (all these figures are USD$). There you have it, a general indication of where you will end up on the MCITP salary pay scale after you complete your study. To find out how much a MCITP will cost you to get look at our simple calculations How much does MCITP cost.