MCITP Exam Questions

Lots of people ask about the MCITP exam questions, so ill give you a little bit of infomation about the different types and formats. For starters, it is no use to yourself to already know the exam questions before you go into your MCITP exam, if this is how you plan to operate then you will not go far in IT. You should be able to go into the MCITP exam and know the ANSWERS to the majority, if not all of the QESTIONS. The only way you can do this is to just know your stuff and study hard. Doing MCITP lab’s are vital to fully understanding and grasping the ideas. Now that we have got that out of the way, lets get on to the the different types and formats of questions that you might find in your MCITP exam.

The first type of questions that you’ll find is basic Multi-Choice

  • These questions are as simple as a question in the form of a sentence and might be accompanied with an image.
  • Generally you are given 4 or 5 choices, from which you are to pick the best one.
  • These exam questions can tend to be a bit deceptive if you dont read through them properly and actually understand what they are asking
  • You can normally rule out 1 or 2 possible answers pretty easily which gives you 50% chance in a correct answer

The second type of question that you might find in your MCITP exam is Multiple-Answer Multi-Choice

  • This type of exam question is very similar to the first type although you have to select multiple answers to complete the question
  • Normally you will be requried to select the best 2-4 answers our of up to 6 or 7 possibilities
  • They will normally tell you how many answers they want you to select
  • Once again, these can be deceptive, it is all too easy to answer the opposite way than what they intended
  • These questions can be a both a blessing and a disaster unless you know your MCITP material fully

The third type of question is a Windows machine Simulator.

  • You will be givin a task to either configure or troubleshoot a machine using your MCITP knowledge
  • Some windows features on the virtual computer will be disabled
  • These questions can involve more than one virtual computer on occasion
  • This type of question gives you the most stress as they usually take the longest, especially if you haven’t had adequete practice with labs
  • If you dont know how to configure or troubleshoot whats required within 5 minutes, it is best to move on to the next question and come back to it at the end.

The MCITP exam questions are generally quite easily answerable. In saying this, this is only true if you dont take any cheap short-cuts in your study plan. Many people talk about brain dumps and how you can pass any IT certification easily whilst using these. This might be true for entry level IT certifications such as the MCTS Exams, but really you are shooting yourself in the foot and not doing yourself any favours as these are what build a good knowledge and skills basis for all the higher level exams such as MCITP. The most embarassing thing that can happen to you is if you land a job because of your impressive MCITP certifications, but cant actually use the skills an knowledge that you are expected to have because all you remember is a handful of MCITP Exam Questions and answers which are no use in the real world.

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