What is the Best way to Study for the MCITP Exam?

A successful pass in a MCITP Exam is not difficult to achieve if you have prepared yourself to the best of your ability. For some, beginning study of an unfamiliar topic is a daunting task so we have written up a quick introduction on how to study best for your MCITP exam so you get started in the right direction.

1) Plan

Decide which MCITP certification you want to get and work out what mcitp exams you will need to sit in order to reach this certification status. One you know what exams you need to sit you can start to gather all the study material required to have a good understanding of the exam syllabus. It is a good idea to plan ahead when you are purchasing your MCITP study material as you can save a bit of money by purchasing all the study guides needed for a certain MCITP certification at the same time in a certification kit.

2) Schedule

This is an important step and is usually referred to as “time management”. Plan when you want to have your MCITP certification and plan your study for each exam out on a calendar. If you are unsure how much time you will need to study for each exam, check out our guide – How long will it take to study for MCITP? Having this schedule planned out will help keep you on track as you have a goal to work towards.

3) Read

All mcitp study should begin with reading a MCITP study book. You should always read information and understand it to the best of your knowledge before continuing on with other study material formats. There are very few shortcuts when studying if you want have a full and concise understanding – skipping or skimming through study books will leave your knowledge patchy.

4) Watch

We’d all love to just watch MCITP training video’s and come out with all the knowledge and skills required to gain a mcitp certification, but unfortunately this is just a dream. MCITP training videos are a good resource during your studies as they will help fill in the gaps and questions you might have after reading a study book. Having things explained to you in a visual and audible manner will reinforce previous learning.

5) Do

A certification is only as good as the paper its printed on if you cant put any of your skills to practice! Set up a home lab – virtual machines running on VMWare are a quick and cheap way to set up a MCITP study computer lab. Taking what you have learnt and performing installation, configuration, maintenance troubleshooting tasks with your own brain is the best way to build your understanding.

6) Test

The final piece of your MCITP study is testing your understanding with a MCITP practice exam. This will be your best indication if your knowledge is weak in any sections of the mcitp exam. These areas should be restudied well as they could let you down in your actual MCITP exam. You should be aiming to score at least 90% in all mcitp practice tests before sitting your MCITP Exam.