Why should I get MCITP Certified?

The answer to this question should be pretty obvious if you have been reading on this website for a little while, if you are still not convinced, read on.

Only good things can become from being MCITP Certified, if anything it will increase your self esteem and confidence, which can’t be a bad thing. Earning a MCITP demonstrates your technical skills and job related experience with Windows Server 2008. The MCITP will hold its value until Microsoft stops supporting that technology, which is somewhat a decade or so after release. Windows server 2003 is still being supported 6 years on and most Systems Administrators haven’t even given Server 2008 a look-in yet, I don’t personally know anyone using Windows Server 2008 as of yet!

Gaining a MCITP Certification will be a valuable milestone in your career path and could change it for the better. Having an MCITP credential under your belt demonstrates to your employers that you have the commitment that it takes to advancing your skills and the motivation to follow things though. By having a certification from Microsoft, you automatically gain access to a mountain of valuable resources and benefits given exclusively to certification holders.

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